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Al Di Meola Web Page

Another good Meola Site

Race With A Devil On A Spanish Highway Music

Egyptian Danza Intro Tab

Al Di Meola is going on tour in a few weeks or maybe sooner supporting his new album "Infinite Desires." I recommend this album to be bought through Check to see if he is coming to your town at POLLSTAR The Concert Hotwire

A Steve Gadd Web Page

And all you drummers out there that are interested in improving your drumming ability check out..

Sabianuser Drum Page

"CHAMELEON" music transcribed for guitar
"Affirmation" Chords and Chordal Tones

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Welcome To The Soon To Be Best Jazz/Fusion Site On The Web
of the
In this site you will find some of the best Jazz/Fusion artists in our time. It is in big construction right now because I don't have alot of stuff so please send me stuff at and I will be very happy with anything you give me. I highly recommend going to the casino link (above) and definetly CDnow. You can find all the stuff presented here at CDNOW, just click the link and BUY!!! CDnow Sign My Guestbook Guestbook by GuestWorld View My Guestbook

Chick Corea is definetly one of the fusion "gods" in our time. He has turned the world of jazz around since the early 70's. My favorites of chick include, MY SPANISH HEART, Light As A Feather, and of course his tremendous contribution to the band Return to Forever. All of his CD's you can buy at (the link above this). Chick has worked with the greatest musicians in the world such as Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola, Steve Gadd, Lenny White, Dave Weckl and Joe Farrell. I really encourage you to get some of his albums if you do not already have some.

And some other great links to Jazz/Fusion artists

Dave Weckl's Drum and Music Page: Information about weckl and his latest info.
GRP Records: Find your favorite GRP artists and latest info.
The Official Jaco Pastorius Home Page: The Best Jaco Site, a great place to get Jacos music
The Official Jean Luc Ponty Site: Violin Fusion God
John McLaughlin Site: A great McLaughlin site
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage: The Best Frank Zappa Site
Chick Corea at Jazz Central: A good site for Chick stuff to order
Steve Vai Homepage: The Most Excellent Site For Any Vai Fans

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